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PLEASE NOTE: to ensure that we have sufficient preparation time we do have to be strict with our last order deadline. Regretfully, if you miss the last order deadline you will no longer be able to place an order for that week.

We are now taking orders for the week starting . .

Last order time for week 2

 will be: .

To place your order for the next 2 week period click the link below . . .

10 am on Friday 20th  July 2018

Notice Board (Polite Reminders) . . .

IMPORTANT: Please check with your school to see if there are TD days or school trips for the weeks above.

We don’t want you to place orders when the school is closed!

REQUIREMENTS: The order form should work with most of the popular browsers. However, you will need to allow (1) pop-ups, (2) scripts to run and (3) javascript - particularly if you are using Internet Explorer v10 or above

If you have a choice we recommend using CHROME .

Monday 16th July 2018 NOW CLOSED


2 week On line Order Form >>

Please use this form to place your ‘Paid’ and ‘Free School Meal’ orders.

You can order for up to four children at a time which can be a mixture of ‘Paid’ and ‘FSM’.

Be sure to indicate which type they are by using the check box’s in the ‘Childrens Profiles’ section at the top of the form .

NEW OPTION: Order/Pay for a Whole Seasons Meals in one step. . .

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Monday 23rd July 2018

Our new seasonal Menu’s features delicious and tasty meals that reflect the time of year and are based on a three week rolling menu which will alternate throughout the relevant term.

To Order your meals for Terms 1 and 2lick the link below - for more info click here

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NEW - Season Menus



We are pleased to announce that you can order meals for next year Autumn 2018  terms 1 and 2, in one go by using our online order form. See below on this page for the link to click. This means you can order for both terms in advance all in one go - nothing more to worry about until terms 3 and 4!  But take note, the deadline to do this is August 24th 2018 at 9am, after which we will not take any more seasonal orders, although, as normal, the two week order forms will be available to use throughout the year.


TD Days:

Friday July 13th Collingbourne Ducis

Friday July 20th   Collingbourne Ducis

Weds July 25th  Great Bedwyn, Lacock, Shalbourne, Holy Trinity and The Trinity.



Please Note: although we work very hard to adhere to our published menus,  due to extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances on the day, menu options may change. Thank you for your understanding


MAKING A PAYMENT: Please note that it is important you close the payment page after finishing your transaction as it is possible in rare cases to inadvertently make a second payment.

VEGGIE OPTIONS: Please note that from term 3 onwards we are removing the Veggie option 2 choice. Instead option 1 and option 2 will BOTH be normal meal options. Please use the Special Diet 'Other' checkbox to state your preference for a Veggie meal, in which case, whatever options you have choosen, we will prepare them with suitable vegetarian substitutions. This way, Vegetarians will have more choice not less!

EMAIL ALERTS: By popular request we are bringing back the Automatic Email alerts for new menu availability. To sign-up simply use the form at the bottom of this page and we will email you whenever a new menu is available - never miss a deadline again. We would like to encourage ALL parents to take advantage of this service.



REFUNDS: Please note that any refunds due, whatever reason will be made in full at the end of the term. Please note that an admin fee of £1 will be charged.


Note: Please try and place all of your childrens orders on to ONE form. The form is designed to deal with up to 4 children and it doesn't matter if there is a mix of paid or free. Just set the relevant option box in the childs profile at the top of the form.


Cancellations by 9.00 a.m. on the day



Please note: On the Order Form the field labelled "Special Diet - Other" is for recording food allergies ONLY. Many thanKs