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Browser Settings

Browser Settings

A computer needs a program called a web browser in order to view Internet pages. Your computer probably came pre-loaded with a web browser that you are now using to view this page. It is possible to install more than one web browser program onto your computer and as they are all ‘free’ some people like to have a choice.

Computers with Windows bought before February 2010 would have Internet Explorer set as the browser. If you bought it after February 2010, when you you would have been ask if you wanted to change your browser .  If you have an Apple Macintosh computer you’re likely to have a browser called Safari as your built-in option.

Some of the common web browsers are:

RECOMMENDATIONS - for  using our website

If when one of our web pages is first displayed you see an information bar (see below) saying that Active-X content has been blocked you must click the button “Allow Active Content”.

We prefer Chrome and recommend using this browser with our website.

If using Internet Explorer v10 -  please allow  blocked content

However, you can use any browser you like and things should work OK.  Whichever you use the following must be allowed otherwise the functionality of  the School Meals Order form and Payment process could be adversely affected:

1. Allow Active X scripts to run

2. Allow Pop-ups

What is active content and why does Internet Explorer restrict it?

Active content is interactive or animated content used on websites. It includes ActiveX controls and web browser add-ons, which are small programs that are used extensively on the Internet. Active content can make web browsing more enjoyable by providing toolbars, stock tickers, video, animated content, and more.

Why does Internet Explorer restrict active content?

Internet Explorer restricts this content because occasionally these programs can malfunction or give you content you don't want. In some cases, these programs can be used to collect information about you, damage information on your computer, install software without your consent, or allow someone else to control your computer remotely. Given these risks, you should allow active content only if you completely trust the publisher or the website it's coming from.

How can I allow active content?

If Internet Explorer restricts active content that you are sure you want to allow, click the gold Information bar that appears at the top of the webpage, and then click Allow blocked content.

What is the Internet Explorer Information bar?

The Information bar is the place where Internet Explorer displays information about security, downloads, blocked pop-up windows, and other activities. It is usually located at the top of the webpage.

When will I see the Information bar?

How do I use the Information bar?

When you see a message in the Information bar, click the message to see more information or to take action.

Can I turn off the Information bar?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended it. If you do want to turn it off, you have to turn it off for each type of message.

To stop the information bar from blocking file and software downloads

Do one or both of the following:

Click OK, click Yes to confirm that you want to make the change, and then click OK again.

If using Internet Explorer v10 -  please allow  pop-up’s. How . . . ?